Summer Courses

   "From commitment to Blast Consult with good mining practices and society are born Summer Schools of blast, for students in Mining Engineering.

   For 6 weeks, students live the reality of diferents kinds of blasts: Quarrying, civil engineering, metal mining, construction, underwater tunnels / or demolitions. Oriented in a practical way, future engineers involved first hand the design, calculation of explosives necessary, load, deformed, connection, triggering, monitoring and evaluation of different types of blasting.

   To complement this, statement is made in the management of JKSimBlast and data management and measurement equipment like Laser 2D, high speed camera, and camera holes seismographs. Also, shots are made with the latest tools like the RYDEX, fragmentation, fireworks latest generation fragmentation of concrete and rock.

Summer camp students of mine

   Since 2006, a total of 14 students from España, Guinea, Peru y Portugal, have learned to do this work safely, efficiently and environmental respect.

In collaboration with major mining companies, also involved with the university and the training of top professionals, have done consulting work and presentations of the results by student managers to the end of each summer."

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